Industria Mundum partners with Element Energy on assessment of industrial carbon capture business models

Industria Mundum AG (IMAG) was pleased to partner Element Energy on their recently published Report on Industrial Carbon Capture Business Models, prepared for the UK Government (Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy). The report explores potential business models that could be deployed for carbon capture and storage applied to industrial operations.

A variety of business models were characterized in terms of revenue models, risk management, funding sources and capital & ownership structures and assessed in terms of acceptability to industry and government stakeholders. In all, six business models were developed with sufficient promise to recommend further investigation.

If the UK is to meet its decarbonization targets it is essential that industrial emissions of CO2 are significantly reduced from current levels. In addition to new and improved carbon capture technologies decarbonization of the industrial sector requires that innovative commercial and business models emerge. The Element Energy report represents an important contribution to this process.

The report hosted on the BEIS, UK website can be accessed through the following link:

Study report

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