Industria Mundum to support Veolia on its CCUS strategy and development of projects

Industria Mundum AG (IMAG) has been awarded a consultancy contract by Veolia, the global leader in optimized resource management, looking into Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage (CCUS) business models and markets, as part of Veolia’s efforts to decarbonise its operations and become a leader in the CCUS space. 

CCUS is widely recognised as an essential technology on the pathway to a decarbonised global economy and one of a number of promising decarbonisation options for energy intensive industries like steel, cement, and fertiliser as well as waste to energy plants.

IMAG will support Veolia in the formulation of investable business models and provide strategic assessments for the application of CCUS, leveraging Veolia operating capabilities at various locations around the world, including opportunities to develop carbon negative infrastructures from BECCS (Bioenergy with CCS). Part of the work will look at regional and national approaches being taken for the deployment of CCUS and how these impact on business models and project development activities at specific sites.

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